Day 3 – Now What?

The ‘hood

Day 3 is fairly uneventful. I did some client work. Went to my Becoming an Artist music community meeting. Barely been out of the hotel room except virtually. Catching up with some admin, mostly music, little bit of domestic. Going to have a wander around the parking lot and see if I can find the Mexican restaurant and get some fresh air straight off the highway. Yesterday I wandered up to Royal Oaks Boulevard the local shop strip and found a pizza place and an Asian Fusion place a quarter of a mile away. Made contact with the Full Circle group who are running my course and doing some online networking hopefully with a view to doing some in person networking before I leave this place. A leisurely day spent working. Going to make use of the microwave for dinner. The Beer and Barrel next door have some ready meals as well as some tasty wine.

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