Hello world!

This is a brand new website for relaunching No Prima Donnas. I have just released my first new material for twelve years in this guise as I have been busy with The Real King(s) of Spain ( www.rkos.co.uk )

There is a player on the front page with some older work and the new release ‘Eagle Child, Twice Born’ inspired by the book Mythos by Stephen Fry and an internet word generator. The full story will be in the next blog … It is a collaboration with Jen Athan, a multi-talented Scottish musician, one of many I have worked alongside during lockdown and in the Sunday Songwriter’s group that has kept me relatively sane …

You can hear it and buy it should you wish along with 2 other versions on Bandcamp https://noprimadonnas.bandcamp.com/album/eagle-child-twice-born

You can also find my first band album ‘Chaos and Dysfunction’ there also currently only available as a stream due to shipping issues.

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